EPiServer Technology

EPiServer and Microsoft .NET

EPiServer CMS 5 is a Microsoft.NET based system. It supports data sources, role membership and virtual path providers. Microsoft.NET is a future-proof system that is at the forefront of functionality and innovation.

Future proof

EPiServer CMS 5 offers scalability and load balancing. So even if your website grows you can still get the performance. The separation of data, users and workflows allows for scalability and accessibility. EPiServer CMS 5 can balance loads so that incoming traffic to your Web site can be spread over many servers. 

A platform for easy integration

Microsoft.NET together with EPiServer CMS 5's open architecture let you integrate with external systems and it supports Web service technology.
The platform makes it easy for developers to do almost any type of integration.


With EPiServer you can integrate external user catalogs with .NET membership and role providers. EPiServer manages authorization and security and only gives the visitors (and editors) access to the information and services they are entitled to.

Accessible Web sites

EPiServer gives the developer and editor full control over the Web site making it easy to create accessible Web sites according to W3C/WAI and other guidlines.