About Extrude

A short story

The year was 1996 and we got our first assignment from SanMedia. Multimedia was high-fashion and such a thing as "the internet" was unknown to the likes of regular people. The assignment was to get a half finished presentation for Sandvik Steel up and running in time for a convention they planned on attending. Previous to our commitment two computer consultants had been working roughly a year on this project without significant progress. They left, leaving a terrible mess behind, and we had much work ahead of us.

We delivered a fully functioning presentation on time. Due to the code quality and state the project was left to us, it had some weaknesses. The Sandvik Corporation ordered a remake.

After another three months of development and many late nights the project was finally done and the new presentation such a success that it ended up being translated into ten languages and distributed into thousands of copies.

Today SanMedia has ceased to exist. Sandvik Steel is renamed Sandvik Materials Technology and Multimedia has been replaced almost entirely with various web solutions. All in general things look alike, Sandvik is still our greatest customer and we still deliver solutions where others fail.